Eden Presbyterian Church History

In 1873, several families who had immigrated from the same region in Germany settled closely together in Iowa in an area located north of the town of Rudd. Sharing a similar faith, they initially met in each other's homes to worship.

Six years later they gathered in a nearby schoolhouse expressing an interest in organizing themselves as a German Presbyterian Church.

On May 22, 1887, twenty-eight charter members organized as the Rock Creek Mission Station which later would be renamed the Eden Presbyterian Church.

As the church membership grew, the schoolhouse became too crowded. It was decided to build a church which would be located six miles north of Rudd on the Floyd and Mitchell County line. The Church was completed and dedicated on November 22, 1891.

Over the past 100+ years, scores of worship services have been held. Births, weddings, baptisms, confirmations and deaths have been shared by the church community. Through all, Eden Presbyterian Church has continued to thrive.